He Whispers

God is speaking to us every day. We just have to learn to listen; to tune in.

Over the years I’ve written down much of what God has shared with me, and I’m now beginning to share these Words. I hope that by sharing them others will be encouraged to tune in and listen to what God has to say to them.

I’ve begun to write devotionals based upon these nuggets as God inspires me. My prayer is that my children will learn and grow in the Lord in a far greater fashion by reading these, and that they will always value the voice of the Lord above all others!

I invite you to read my devotionals, and I pray you too will be motivated to take a few moments each day to hear what God is speaking to you.

I Kings 19 tells about a man that heard God speak. His name was Elijah, and he found himself at a spiritual low. He was afraid and depressed: and in this moment of dejection he just wanted to die. So he talks to God; but God really wants to talk to him, and His method is a bit surprising. Elijah knew of God’s great power, and must’ve expected Him to communicate in a way that was commanding and impressive. Oh God demonstrated His power through the force of a hurricane, an earthquake and fire.

But when He spoke to the one He loved, He drowned out all the noise and He whispered.

Sometimes we just have to slow down our busy lives; turn off the radio and TV; get off the telephone; and be still and listen. God is speaking to us!!

CLICK the link below to worship to a song titled, “Spirit of The Living God” that talks about listening to God’s voice. Here’s a snippet of the lyrics:

Spirit of The Living God
Spirit of The Living God
We Only Want To Hear Your Voice
We’re Hanging on Ever Word

Because When You Speak, When You Move.
When You Do What Only You Can Do
It Changes Us, It Changes What We See And What We Seek

Spirit of the Living God by Vertical Church Band   


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