I’m an analyzer and critical thinker. That can be a powerful asset, but it can also complicate things. Sometimes it can backfire, and I can think myself right out of a good thing.

I was re-reading Psalm 91, and this statement really popped out to me, “His faithful promises are our armor.” This put a new spin on putting on the armor of God: I can put on the armor of God by simply believing His promises. This thought hadn’t even landed in my mind good when another thought invaded my mind like a bull in a China shop. Immediately, I began over-thinking what God was trying to teach me. Could I reason myself right out of God’s promises too? Yes, I could. In my spirit I heard God gently say, “So, come to me as a little child.”

What exactly does this mean? It means to simply believe without thinking about it. I teach three year old children. Imagine that I tell the children I’m planning a trip to outer space to visit the moon, and I’m taking them with me. These children will not concern themselves with HOW or WHY or reconsider my offer because they don’t feel deserving. Not only would they believe me, but they would expect me to deliver the goods. Believe and expect. This is the approach we should have with God’s promises: believe & expect.

It is that simplicity of uncomplicated belief that I believe Jesus was referencing in Mathew 18:3. Children just accept what you say at face value without questioning. Yet we can rip something into shreds in two point five seconds with reasoning and doubt. Do you ever think this promise is for her but not me; or surely God doesn’t mean I can be completely healed; or I’m trying to believe but it doesn’t look like my circumstances are changing?

Well, let me tell you something else about children. They would remind me only about a billion times that I promised to take them to outer space. Jesus used a parable in Luke 11 that teaches us how to keep knocking at the door. He wants us to remind Him of His promises. Have you ever wondered why? God doesn’t forget, but it keeps our eyes focused on the prize.

God’s promises are more than a possibility. They are reality, and we can armor ourselves with His promises; believing and expecting every single one when we come to Him as a little child.
Related Scriptures:
Psalm 91 NLT
Luke 18:16-17 TLB
Luke 11:5-13 TLB
Mathew 7:7 TLB
Mathew 18:2-4

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