The love of a mother
Forgives, restores, loves and heals
Guides us, protects us and fights off our fears

She defends us from danger that we don’t even see
That’s what mothers do for you and me

A mother’s love fierce and true
Comes to our defense and our rescue
She takes a stand when no others will
Not because we are right
But because her love is real

But WE. . .
We children both infant and old
Live out a different story rarely told

We love and hug our moms one minute and
Run from her instruction thinking she just doesn’t get it
We roll our eyes and try to be grown
Can’t wait to get out and live life on our own

That’s when it happens I suppose
The understanding, we’ve stepped on mama’s toes
But this woman so loyal and strong
Remains by our side no matter our wrong

This depth of compassion is hard to explain
Except when we look at our Savior slain
His love is one that never forsakes
His blood disregards and covers mistakes

Grace and mercy abundantly given
A gift to us from our Savior risen
His love manifest isn’t only eternal
His love is extended through the maternal

That’s right, your mother is a Heavenly gift
Bring her love and honor, and continue to uplift
Your encourager, your warrior and your best friend
Thank You God for a love that never ends.

by Tracey Ray

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