I love plants! I’ve learned that each plant must have specific needs met in order to flourish. One of those needs is the proper sunlight. This means I can’t just place it any old place inside my home. I’ve also noted that no matter what, the plants will always bend toward the sun…leaning in toward its vibrant light.

Isn’t this a good picture of how WE should be with The Son? Leaning in toward His vibrant light…soaking in those life giving rays!! Lately, I feel God’s prompting to simply BE in His Presence…..to sit at His feet and SOAK Him in. Isn’t this what the flowers do? And what happens as a result of flowers staying in the presence of the sun is the unveiling of great beauty….the sprouting of new growth…..and later the prompting of a new seed for a new season.

Recently we sang a remake of an old song written in 1907 by Henry Van Dyke, “Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee.” I’ve heard this song and played it on my piano many times, but on this particular Sunday my Spirit translated the lyrics like this:

Hearts unfold like flowers before You Oh God….Opening to The Son

During that worship service I could imagine how beautiful it must be to God…. to see every member of the congregation as a flower, opening before the Glory of the Son of God in complete worship…..completely reliant upon Him in every way. Sitting at the feet of Jesus!  In doing so….we have life! We live, blossom and flourish!

During the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, let’s don’t get so busy that we forget to be like the flowers before Him. Be Still in His Presence, and soak in The Son!!!


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