Most of us text these days: it’s quick and often all we have time for. That being said, if we have time to text a friend today, we have time to “text” God….a quick ‘thank you or I love You.’


“Tell Me your ‘everyday’ kind of talk. I want to have THAT kind of conversation from you too! I want to be included,” the Lord spoke gently to my spirit immediately after I texted a friend. I had been texting back and forth with a friend, and the content of our communications was light and jovial: silly even. I smiled and chuckled out loud a time or two when reading my friend’s responses.

God wants that? I thought about that for a moment. I text people daily and often, as most of us do these days. Yet, do I reach out to God that often? And would I tell him the happy, silly moments, or do I just save the serious, heavy topics for Him?

God is interested in every aspect of our lives, and He is interested all the time.

The scripture tells us that God never leaves us…

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