Into The Deep

At eight months old, my daughter didn’t know how to swim, much less hold her breath. Yet my husband would confidently carry her in his arms into the deep water of the ocean. This girl- who was still eating sea shells and sand, was fearlessly and joyously caught in the rapture of the moment. Why wasn’t she afraid? She was with her father.

WE can go into the deep with God. No more hesitation. No more excuses: you don’t have to be a Bible scholar… don’t have to be saved for a certain amount of time….you don’t have to know church etiquette…..and you don’t have to have your ducks in a row before venturing into the deep!  Let’ get caught up in the joyous and fearless wonder of Jesus Christ!! Don’t be afraid. You are with your Heavenly Father!

Take a moment in the Presence of God right now.  Click this link and let the words of this worshipful song become a prayer! Boldly go into the deep!!!

“Into The Deep” by Citipointe Live


When my hands stretch out towards the sky
You never let me run dry
When I dive in-to the depths of You
My heart is made anew… Jesus in You

Your love is a flood and I’m
Caught in the current of Your living waters
It’s Your love… it’s Your love

Your Presence is a flood
And I’m caught in the wonder
You have taken me over
You have won… my heart

Into the deep I will go with You
Sub-merge my feet… to my head in all of You
As your Presence falls
I am drowned in Your love
Immerse me….. immerse me

Greater Things Happen When You Let Go

“Let go of your concerns! Then you will know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

To hold onto “something” is to try to maintain your sense of control….to doubt that God can handle it. So we keep deceiving ourselves that WE got this! We don’t want to admit that we fear letting go. We are afraid to lose control: but in truth, we never had control.

God is in control. The buck stops with Him. He is Sovereign. Supreme. The Creator is in control of His Creation. Who better to release my “something” to than my Creator?

I can assure you that God is far more capable to handle life’s problems than we are. We are limited. God is not!

Look at it this way.

I’m restricted to natural ability, but God is unleashed in supernatural power.

I am lacking, but God is abundant and bountiful.

My knowledge is obstructed and hindered, but God is All Knowing.

I am limited in every way, but God is limitless in all ways.

I may be weak, but God is strong.

I fail, but God never fails!

I am faulty, but God is Perfect in all His ways.

From this perspective, the answer seems clear. Release your “something” to the Almighty, All Powerful, All Knowing, All Sufficient God, and allow Him to release the fullness of His power over your situation.

There is peace and comfort when we let go and let God take over. Greater things happen when we let go. I want greater things, don’t you? Unleash His fullness over your life today, and know that HE IS GOD!


Who’s In Control?

“Dad!! Quick!! Tell me how to change weapons!!” –daughter

“Give me the controller so I can show you.” –dad

“NO! Just tell me quick!” –daughter

“Give me the controller.” –dad

“Never mind.”- daughter

I was in the kitchen cooking some potato soup, when I overheard this conversation between my daughter and my husband. It was an unusually lazy Saturday afternoon, and perfect for a PlayStation game. But my daughter needed a little guidance on this game, and she did the right thing by asking for help. Yet she did what we often do with God, she didn’t want to give up control.

The result, my daughter didn’t do so well on that round. And neither do we when we continue to do things OUR way. Bottom line: until we surrender to Christ, we will always come out on the losing end. HE is the one that makes us victorious. We win because of Christ! (1 Corinthians 15:57)

You’re probably thinking right now that you have nothing to worry about because you’ve surrendered your heart to Christ: you’re saved, and you’re going to Heaven. If that’s true I rejoice with you.  But surrender to God doesn’t end at Salvation. It is just beginning, and it is a process: a lifelong decision on our part to allow God to take the reins.

Surrender Defined:

To yield something to the possession or power of another

To submit or yield

Is there something you are holding on to that God has been asking you to give HIM possession of for a long time: a bad habit, a wrong behavior, a negative thought life, a bad attitude or hanging out with the wrong crowd? We can ask God to help us in these areas, but what will we say when his answer is, “Give me the controller.” Will we respond like my daughter did to her dad and say, “NO?” or “Never mind?”

Who is in control?

Let’s humble ourselves before the Lord, recognizing that we have need of Him, and allow Him in on this process of surrender. He will be with us every step of the way, gently guiding us and encouraging us. He wants us to WIN! To succeed in everything we do in life. HE has the answers. So let’s give Him the control.