What a good reminder that God IS listening to me and responding to me. Furthermore, He is waiting on me to talk to Him.


“Oh!! Mrs. Tracey, we are talking about bees.” And with a bit of pride three year old Marion says, “But don’t touch them, they have stunkers. If you touch them you could get stunk.”

While this childlike blooper brought a moment of comic relief, it did not interfere with our continued conversation about bees. I knew exactly what she meant.

And so it is with God. We don’t have to be perfect, and our conversations with God don’t have to be flawless. He isn’t looking for perfection and correctness. As a matter of fact, we learn from Mathew 18:3 that He wants us to come to Him like a child.

Before children learn to speak, they babble with confidence. They do so boldly; and frankly they are uninhibited by their circumstances or the adults around them. We’ve all heard a baby verbalize during the quietest moments of a church service…

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